Buenavista Route

During this route you can observe a beautiful natural landscape as well as many places of interest: several fountains, amazing views of the coast, flour windmills, a rich and varied vegetation and numerous species of birds. The itinerary starts at “La Noria” fairground and goes along several natural pathways, including an old stone road. Once you have walked along the natural pathways, you will get to the Carretera de los Soldados (Road of los Soldados). From there, you will go through a last urban section until you arrive to La Noria fairground again, the starting and finishing point of this route.

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Abejaruco Route

This route leads you to the well-known Hill of Abejaruco. It is a very attractive place where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, Roman and medieval remains and amazing views of Vejer and its surrounding area: the sea, the mountains, the now drained lake of La Janda and the villages of Santa Lucía, La Muela and Parralejos. You will also be able to see the river Barbate and a wonderful panoramic view of Vejer.

Start your itinerary in a path surrounded by canes on both sides next to the road of Libreros. Almost at ground level and covered with some bars, you will find the clay oven of Chorrillo and some metres ahead, the fountain. You will be delighted by wonderful views such as the sea, the mountains, wide cultivation fields, the villages of Santa Lucía, La Muela and Parralejos, the river Barbate and a great panoramic view of Vejer.

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Sandy Paths Route

Sandy Paths is a route that goes through gentle hills and plains, between pine forests and green fields. It is a route with great contrasts, surrounded by a rich and diverse vegetation that allows you to enjoy wonderful views of Vejer, La Breña Nature Reserve. the mountains of Granada (as known as “Sierra Graná”) and the meadow of the river Barbate.You can see the most typical bird of the area of la janda: Ibis eremita. During this route you will see numerous species of birds, the most important of which is the Ibis Eremita, a species that has been in a critical situation since 1994.It is recommendable to make this route during the spring season so that it becomes an unforgettable experience for you.

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Watermills Route

It is a low difficulty route which goes through a landscape of great beauty. The sound of the water, the rich and varied vegetation of the area, the remains of the Roman aqueduct and the amazing panoramic views of Vejer you can enjoy from this area will make of this route an unforgettable experience for you.
Start and finish your itinerary at the Church of Santa Lucía and you will observe different places of interest such as the watermills, the aqueduct and the
atarjeas (artificial water canals). 

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Quebradas Route

This route will take you around one of the most representative landscapes in the Nature Reserve of La Breña: the pine groves.The itinerary, with some gentle slopes, goes from the vicinity of Vejer to the road leading to the town of Barbate. Also you can visit the Caves of Los Quiñones. It owes its name to the person who lived and kept his goats there. This part of the route has a high difficulty level, so it's only recomended for walkers with good physical shape.

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Ribera de la Oliva Route

In the course of this route you can observe a beautiful landscape with lots of vegetation, as well as amazing views of Vejer and its surrounding area. The itinerary goes alonga natural pathway.

The itinerary starts on a path located next to the water-treatment plant. Walk along this path for approximately 1 kilometre until you get to a crossing. Take the way on your left and follow the course of the river for about 5 kilometres. While walking, you will be able to observe numerous species of birds and amazing views of the town of Vejer. This way branch off the river just next to the protected area, continues for approximately 500 metres and leads you back to the road and the starting point of this route. Also you can visit the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Oliva. We recommend not to walk this way when it rains.

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Windmills Route

This route allows you to see the seven flour windmills of Vejer and enjoy amazing views of cultivation fields, beaches and the nature reserve of La Breña. Start your itinerary at the Hazas de Suerte Park, located in the area of San Miguel, where you will find San Francisco, San Antonio and San Jose's mills. Then, go through “La Noria” fairground and take the path leading to the road of Los Soldados. Go down Catalina Pérez's way and begin an ascent next to the “Venta de los Olivos”. You will find the last four mills (Cruz de Conil, Santa Inés, Márquez and Morillo) on your way back to the town centre.

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Hazas de Suerte Route

The itinerary on foot starts next to the church of Cantarranas (Vejer), on a way leading to the borough of Nájara. Walk along this way and, after going through a wind farm, you will be able to see the lands called “Hazas de Suerte”.

The institution of the Hazas de Suerte is a legal-historical tradition unique in the Spanish State. Its origins date back to 1288 when King Sancho IV expelled the Muslims from Vejer and granted the new Christians settlers a series of lands (hazas) for cultivation. Also we can see the Algar caves and the countryside of Vejer.

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